Retesting senior drivers?

Incredibly, no one was seriously injured after a motorist inadvertently crossed two lanes of traffic and slammed his vehicle into a house on Dobbin Road in Westbank Wednesday morning.

RCMP Cst. Hall says the motorist was parked across the street in the Quality Greens parking lot prior to the incident.

"As he was starting his car it looks like he had some sort of misunderstanding about which pedal was the gas and which pedal was the brake," says Hall.

"He ended up coming across the two lanes of highway here on Dobbin Road. He flew across the highway and miraculously didn't collide with any crossing vehicles."

Hall says the vehicle came up on the curb and the lawn, through a cedar and hit the house.

"It looks like the curb substantially slowed down his rate of speed."

The driver didn't appear to sustain any injuries. The air bag wasn't deployed.

"His speed wasn't that great and the cedar may have helped with deceleration which would have lessened his chance for injuries."

Hall says the structural integrity of the house didn't appear to be compromised, however, authorities were going to give it a closer inspection once the vehicle was removed.

People were in the house at the time of the crash but didn't want to speak on the incident.

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