Utility sale tied to smart meters?

A retired electronic warfare naval officer says the City of Kelowna should put the proposed sale of its share in electrical utilities to referendum.

Kelowna resident Jerry Flynn, a 77-year-old former officer with the Communications Research Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy, says he fears the proposed sale of the City of Kelowna’s electrical utility rights will ultimately result in energy provider FortisBC installing smart meters in the city without public input, something Flynn says will put everyone’s health at risk.

“They’ll (FortisBC) get approval from BCUC to go ahead and rollout smart meters by 2015, and by that time, we’ll all be victimized,” Flynn warns.

Flynn, who spent 22 years “exploiting, disrupting, and denying” the enemy’s wireless communications while in the navy, claims industry is not telling the truth when it comes to health effects from wireless microwave radiation: like that from cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, and especially smart meters, and cites studies from military and international studies showing health effects ranging from headaches and insomnia to DNA damage, cancer, and increases in rates of childhood leukemia.

“The increase in the spread of wireless (technology) is consistent with the spread of all these diseases…the linkage is undeniable. ”

Flynn points to the Moscow embassy incident in 1976 when Soviet officials admitted beaming microwave weapons at the American embassy. Dozens of U.S. officials working in the embassy successively died or suffered from similar cancers.

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