Letter: No Rights For Cons

Are you really surprised that cons can vote? This is a not a world where the good are protected - only the evil.

These "non-humans" should have no rights what so ever. They gave up those rights when they picked up their gun, knife, or violated a child or woman. Come on people this is getting to be too much. Just think - you can kill for no reason and you know that you will be untouchable because you will have all the rights and your victim will not.

Rape has become a game for boys now because the police will advise you not to press charges because nothing will be done and the lawyers are paid a lot of money to make the girl into the bad guy like she had it coming. I know this first hand my niece was raped after Xmas in the back room of a bar. The man was caught and later released in time for last call.

How is that for justice? It's time we stopped being a bleeding heart nation and gave these criminals what they deserve. It is time to bring back the death penalty and make prison a terrible place: no gym, no TV, no computers, no nothing.

Criminals should have absolutely no constitutional rights at all. It's time to see them for what they are... beasts. We put down animals for what is in their nature. Think about it.


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