Pesticide Notification Registry

The City of Kelowna is establishing a Pesticide Notification Registry for residential property owners who wish to be informed when commercial spray operations are occurring on abutting residential properties.

Anyone who registers will get same day telephone notification of spraying on abutting properties. Those with a doctor’s letter can get 24 hour advanced notification.

Some have criticized the registry, citing that it is a health issue affecting everyone and shouldn’t require a doctors letter for 24 hours notice. Officials point out that anyone can get on the same day registry, and that 24 hour notification can be problematic in practice as spraying can only occur under proper weather conditions.

The program is voluntary on the part of commercial operators. So far, only 16 households are registered, putting the program's future in jeopardy if more residents don't take advantage of it. This is the first year of the program.

Do you want to be registered on the same day registry? It’s easy. Send an email to [email protected] with you name, phone number, and address. For tracking purposes, officials would like you to also state a reason why you would like to be on the registry, i.e. Pets, children, heath concerns etc. You may also call 862-3339 ext. 500

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