Poll:Ban NHL Fights?

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Whether you agree with violence or not, a hockey fight seems to get a crowd going. However, top players in the NHL rarely get into fights. Paul Kariya, Joe Sakic and Jaromir Jagr never drop the gloves - they take care of business with their crisp passes and rocket shots but even they know how to defend themselves when the time comes.

Dustin McArthur runs a hockey fight camp during the summer for kids. "The most important thing is where you grab your opponent. You should grab around the elbow so your opponent can't get his arm up. If he can't get his arm up, he can't hit you," says McArthur. "The more things about the game you know how to do, the better. A player who can score, check and fight is more valuable than a player that can only score," he says.

Many leagues around North America even give extra points to teams that don't get into fights or take penalties. This means you probably won't get into a fight until you move on to play junior or pro hockey. "It's important you know how to protect yourself. It's a safety issue. You're less likely to get hurt when you move on to the pros if you know how to fight," says McArthur who dropped the gloves 14 times for the Ice Rays in the 2001 season. You're actually even less likely to get hurt if you don't fight at all.

In light of the recent Todd Bertuzzi incident, perhaps it's time to reevaluate, should NHL fights continue to be "part of the game" or is now the time we should ban fighting?

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