Sindi Poll Results

Thanks to all our readers for your feedback on our weekend Sindi Hawkin's letters poll. The poll was inspired by an unusual amount of unsolicited feedback we were receiving about her regular updates.

While some of you felt that the letters were inspiration and useful, others of you who did not want to have to scroll though them on our news pages when they were not read. There was also some cynicism and political tone in some of your feedback because of her role as provincial cabinet minister.

Based on your feedback, Castanet will no longer publish the letters in their entirety on our news pages. However, when a new letter is available, we will provide a link to it from the left sidebar on our main page so that readers who do benefit from it are aware when new updates are available. Readers who don't like the letters won't have to scroll through it on our regular pages.

We will continue to follow Sindi's progress and post only news updates as required, and of course anything noteworthy out of Sindi's duties as MLA and cabinet minister.

Politician or not, our heart goes out to Sindi Hawkins and the many others who suffer from cancer and other life threatening ailments in our community. We truly wish Sindi the best in her ongoing treatment.

Thanks again for your comments.

David Fowler
Castanet Program Director

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