McKinley Landing Development

Today Kelowna City Council will hear from residents of McKinley Landing on Grant Gaucher's Vintage Landing Wellness Centre proposal, described as the largest development ever contemplated in Kelowna.

The Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment request would see land currently zoned as agricultural until at least 2020 be rezoned so that it would support a 17-storey high-rise, 574 bungalows, and a 600,000-square-foot "wellness centre". A golf course and winery are also contemplated.

On one side of the debate, many are relucant to turn down any economic development to keep the local economy going and growing.

On the other side of the debate are those that ask why we have a long term planning document like the OCP when we seem prepared to change it so willingly for large development proposals. Neighbours don't like the proposal saying it's too big, fearing it will transform their neighbourhood from what they thought it would be like based on the OCP.

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