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Kerry Park Christmas display?

Cautiously optimistic.

That's how Lockie Bracken with the Capri Rotary Club feels about the prospects of a large Christmas light display appearing in Kerry Park.

The Christmas display was donated to the club by West Kelowna resident Jerry Budnick who had erected the elaborate light show in front of his Bridgeview Court home for years.

Plans to put up the display in Kerry Park this year were initially scuttled when the club was informed it could cost as much as $70,000 to have it tested and certified.

The club, with the assistance of three electricians have been testing the lights in a large warehouse on Enterprise Way the past two weeks.

Bracken says the club has received some good news regarding the testing and upgrading process.

"Initially it was indicated to us a lot of major electrical improvements had to be made before we could go ahead with the display. We looked after that situation and now we feel comfortable we can go ahead with the improvements we are now making," says Bracken.

He couldn't put a price tag on the improvements but says it is significantly less than the $70,000 figure originally kicked around.

If all goes well over the next 48 hours or so, Bracken says he hopes they can start putting up the display on Monday.

Bracken says manpower to put up the display could be a major stumbling block.

They had hoped to be able to put up the display over several days but with the clock ticking towards Christmas Bracken says he would like to get it up quickly.

"We are just trying to get ourselves organized to find out if we've got sufficient help to put it all together and make it work. We are meeting with some of the other clubs to determine that. It will be a few days before we can say for sure if things are going to go ahead," says Bracken.

With the annual downtown light-up set for Saturday the soonest they could begin is Monday.

If you would like to help if/when the display is ready to go up, you can call Lockie Bracken at 250-869-5432.

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