Pin Me Up - Weekly Contest - Women

Congratulations to this week's winner for the women: Brooklyn McMorran!

Do you have what it takes? Does your partner have what it takes?

Send us your photos and a bio to [email protected]. All monthly winners will go into a calendar with all proceeds going to charity.

Hiya!  My name is Brooklyn McMorran, I'm 27 and have lived in this beautiful city my whole life!  My claim to fame is stay-at-home Mom extraordinaire, where I am a doctor, a mediator, a chef, a chauffeur etc. etc.  When I'm not at home caring for my 3 yr. old special needs son (who suffers from a rare form of gigantism), you'll find me volunteering with my other sons grade 1 class, doing my paper route, or power walking up and down Mount Royal. Did I mention I'm a musician?  I've been playing the drums and piano for over 15 years and my favourite kind of music is anything Metal!

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