Johns sentenced in pimp dad case

Former Penticton mayoral candidate Benny Wolfe will spend the next seven months behind bars.

Judge Meg Shaw handed down the decision, including two years probation, on Thursday in a Penticton courtroom.

Wolfe was accused of obtaining the services of a person under age 18. The once flamboyant figure is one of several Johns alleged to have been with the teenage girl, who was pimped out by her stepfather in the spring and summer of 2011.

According to Shaw, Wolfe frequently went to the Soupateria in Penticton, near a known prostitute stroll, where he came in contact with the girl, who had been sexually abused by her stepfather since the age of 12. Starting in 2010, in Surrey, the stepdad also pimped out the girl, a situation which continued when the family moved to Penticton.

At the Soupateria, Wolfe approached the stepfather and made an arrangement to be with the girl once a week for sexual services.

They met eight times. After the stepfather was arrested in July, the girl got out of prostitution, but Wolfe asked her if she wanted to continue the relationship.

He said he enjoyed her services and wanted to lock her in for the next year. Nor did he use a condom, putting the girl at risk, said Shaw.

Wolfe further granted an interview to the media at the time, wearing a medallion which said pimp dad.

The girl has since said the men she was with were disgusting and gross. She further described their being Barbie dolls and other toys at Wolfe’s home.

Mitigating factors in the accused favour, were he pled guilty to avoid putting the girl through the trauma of a trial and was cooperative throughout proceedings.

Aggravating circumstances were he showed disrespect for the teen and tried to continue the sexual relationship after the stepdad was arrested.

Among his conditions are he cannot be anywhere near the girl or in the presence of a person under age 18, unless with advance written consent from his probation officer.

Wolfe entered a surprise guilty plea in June to having sex with the underage girl.

At a previous recent court appearance, where he represented himself, he said he was satisfied with what the crown had to say about the facts of the case.

I want to tell the courts that I regret what I have done and that it was a big mistake on my part not to have her age confirmed by identification, he said.

He further told the court that this will never, ever happen again and he is not a sexual threat to children and at absolutely no risk to re-offend.

Wolfe expressed concerns that he may be around children who are under 18 when he goes to the grocery store or restaurant and said he wanted to move out of Penticton because it is a small town and he could run into the girl at any time.

Kenneth Toovey, a second John who was with the girl was sentenced to six months in jail and 12 months probation.

Toovey, who was known to be with the girl on one occasion, previously said he hoped the girl was 20 or 21 and also asked about the old guy she was with, said Shaw.

His conditions include having no contact with the girl and to not be alone with any person under age 18, unless there is advance written notice from a probation officer.

Other Johns in the pimp dad case await sentencing.

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