Crown rests in Teneycke trial

The Penticton woman, who claims she was sexually assaulted by Ronald Teneycke, denied that the sex was consensual as his trial moved into its second week on Monday.

The 44-year-old woman gave the testimony during a second cross examination by defence lawyer Michael Welsh.  Teneycke, a high risk sex offender, is accused of sexually assaulting and unlawfully confining the woman on the night of July 31, 2011, in an old pump house near Okanagan Falls.

Welsh began his questioning by asking the woman about several falls she may have taken on the day, which began according to previous testimony with Tenecyke picking up the woman while she was hitchhiking on Highway 97, near Channel Parkway.

The pair then allegedly drove all over the South Okanagan in his white Cadillac, looking for alcohol and drugs.

 He first asked her about injuries sustained when she crawled under a barbed wire fence at the location and also if she did a cancan style dance at a home in Cawston, where she tripped and fell. He suggested another fall took place when she stopped to go to the bathroom along one of the roads they traveled that day.

He suggested that she could have used her cell phone to call for help when she sat in the car smoking a cigarette, while Teneycke went back to the shed after the alleged assault. Nor did she use her phone as she walked back to  the mall from Teneycke's home, he said.

Then instead of calling the police right away, she called her roommate saying she needed to get a cab home because she had been raped.

"You didn't call the police, until your roommate suggested it," he said.

The witness responded by saying she did not call the police right away because she was in shock.

It was a day, Welsh suggested, when she was going to party and other people were going to pay for it, including Teneycke, who she expected to act as her chauffeur for the day.

It was while driving around, that she flirted with him, pulling on his  long hair and asking if he had a girlfriend, even offering to perform oral sex on him to get to where she wanted to go.

At the pump house, Welsh said, they laid down outside on the tarp and engaged in sexual foreplay, which the witness denied.

He did not feel erect, so you offered to perform oral sex, Welsh suggested. The witness again adamantly denied this was the case, saying, all she was thinking was get me out of here.

The woman further denied helping the accused construct the homemade dildo, described in earlier testimony as the object allegedly used in the rape, as they sat on the tarp.

You put condoms on it,  you put saliva on it and you asked him to perform oral sex on you and use his fingers, said Welsh.

Lastly, he claimed, she kept looking for more cocaine, saying she never got to have the party she was looking for that day.

In response, the witness said the day turned into a nightmare.

A girlfriend of the woman testified earlier on Monday that she first saw her friend that day, when she arrived in the white Cadillac at a bank parking lot in Keremeos. At the time the girlfriend said she was waiting in her car for her boyfriend to come out of the bank.

The woman came over and asked if she had any cocaine. She was slurring her words, the friend said, and when she walked away she climbed over a meridian and fell on her knees.

The witness, along with her boyfriend, assisted the woman. Once she was returned to the car, she said she noticed the man inside was tall, had long brown hair and was wearing white bell bottoms.

In his testimony, the boyfriend said the woman seemed intoxicated because she didn't seem to care when she fell down.

When asked during cross examination by Welsh if he remembered telling Teneycke to be careful because she, the woman, tends to flip out sometimes, he vaguely remembered talking to him through the sunroof of the car.

Crown Counsel John Swanson rested his case Monday, with the defence expecting to call two witnesses, the accused  and his mother, on Tuesday.

Closing arguments in the trial are slated to take place Wednesday afternoon.

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