No Stone Left Unturned

Always think resale

May 1, 2013 / 5:00 am

Buying a home is an exciting time, especially when it's a market like we are seeing now in Kelowna with the market geared favourably towards buyers. There...

Planting an Okanagan garden

Mar 24, 2013 / 5:00 am

Well Spring is officially here and now it’s time to think about planting a garden here in Kelowna. You shop in the organic aisles in the produce section,...

Family Friendly Kirschner Mountain

Feb 13, 2013 / 5:00 am

We were kindly invited to join Alan Kirschner on a guided tour of Kirshner Mountain recently and I was really impressed with what I saw. There are some...

Kelowna Real Estate Tour

Nov 30, 2012 / 8:00 am

We just recently returned from a trip to Scottsdale for a conference and wanted to take a real estate tour of the town we were visiting. It got us to thinking...

Winterizing your Okanagan Home

Oct 17, 2012 / 5:00 am

There’s a change in the air, can you feel it? There’s a crisp, clean freshness here in Kelowna that reminds us that fall has arrived. However,...

Feng Shui for Kelowna real estate

Oct 4, 2012 / 5:00 am

The process of buying a home is a captivating experience, often packed with doubt and worry. You’ve heard countless ways of alleviating the stress of the...

Price vs. Value

Sep 14, 2012 / 12:00 pm

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and emotional times in a person's life. It's not just a place to live, but a place where memories will be...

Saavy Buyers Want The Waterfront!

Sep 7, 2012 / 5:00 am

We’ve all noticed more sold signs in Kelowna, but have you noticed how many of those are on the water? Lakeshore sales are up year to date by 20% and...

Selling your home? Use THIS, not that

Jul 27, 2012 / 11:00 am

We hear that the golden rule of real estate is location, location, location - and that is of course a very important consideration. However we have a client who...

The power of a pool!

Jun 29, 2012 / 11:00 am

People often ask us if they should install a swimming pool in their homes. A pool can cost in the neighbourhood of $20,000 to $50,000 (and up) and homeowners...

Create curb appeal with ease

Jun 8, 2012 / 11:00 am

We have all heard how important curb appeal is in selling a home. Here in the Kelowna real estate market, there are a tremendous number of properties for...

Tips for moving with your children

Jun 1, 2012 / 11:00 am

It can be very challenging uprooting children from their beloved family home and making a move – whether it’s across town or across the country. ...

Why are people choosing Kelowna?

May 18, 2012 / 1:00 pm

We were out showing homes yesterday to a family moving here from overseas. They have two young children and are moving to Kelowna for the lifestyle. They want...

Downsize, not downgrade

Apr 20, 2012 / 12:00 pm

Are you a baby boomer thinking of making a move? Or are you like us, and trying to gently encourage your parents that now may be the time to downgrade? We help...

Colour it sold!

Mar 23, 2012 / 9:00 am

The colour of a home, inside and out, is an important consideration when selling your property. People frequently ask us what colours are popular and what will...

Kelowna housing prices vs. elsewhere

Mar 15, 2012 / 4:00 pm

How Do Kelowna’s Prices Compare to Elsewhere? We are seeing a great number of people considering moving to Kelowna from elsewhere in Canada. Right...