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In last week’s column we investigated the most important nutritional supplements for optimal weight loss and body composition. We learned that a multivitamin-mineral supplement is crucial for providing a broad spectrum of essential nutrients required by the body for optimal weight. A good multi should also include adequate amounts of chromium for blood sugar control and vitamin B5 for the burning of fat for energy. We learned that essential fatty acids make the foundation for our hormones and cell membranes and this plays a crucial role for body composition. We saw that the green tea extract EGCG increases metabolism and promotes weight loss. Finally, we learned the importance of supporting the adrenal glands in order to prevent spikes in cortisol, a hormone that promotes weight gain and the breakdown of lean muscle mass. In this week’s article we will investigate the use of Acupuncture, Neural Therapy, Intravenous Nutrient Infusions, and Prolotherapy to support healthy weight loss and body composition.


Acupuncture and Neural Therapy

Acupuncture and Neural Therapy are very successful at helping people lose weight. They both work in very similar fashions. Both treatments are wonderful for handling stress and restoring a healthy nervous system. When stress is processed effectively and the nervous system is in balance, the body begins to function much better. Stress hormones like cortisol are no longer produced in excess and this allows weight, especially mid abdominal fat to be burned. A balanced nervous system also promotes healthier organs and detoxification.


Intravenous Nutrient Infusions

Intravenous Nutrient Infusions are a fantastic way to rapidly improve the nutritional state of the body. These treatments involve the infusion of vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, and amino acids into the venous system. This direct route into the body ensures optimal utilization by the cells of the body and allows the use of much more potent doses than can be tolerated orally. Intravenous infusions play a significant role in our weight loss program because they are extremely effective at supporting the adrenal glands, optimal hormone production, and detoxification.



Prolotherapy is a treatment that treats chronic pain. You may ask how it plays a role in weight loss. The answer is that chronic pain often prevents people from being able to take part in exercise and daily activities that promote weight loss. Imagine you have chronic knee or back pain to the point where you can no longer be active without aggravating the pain. This pain becomes a bondage that prevents you from not only losing weight, but also enjoying many of the things that you would like to enjoy.

Prolotherapy is a natural treatment that stimulates the repair of injured ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue. When these tissues become torn or over-stretched they create areas of instability in the joints of the body. When the joints become unstable muscles become chronically tight and bones begin to grind into one another. Prolotherapy involves the injection of a sugar solution into the damaged areas to stimulate your own body’s healing. Prolotherapy promotes the restoration of healthy joints and thus helps reduce or eliminate chronic pain. Prolotherapy has helped many of my patients to become active again and improve their weight and body composition.


This article concludes the series on Naturopathic Treatments for Weight Loss and Body Composition. If you would like to read previous articles please contact Dr. Barlow at 250-448-5610.

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