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April is a very popular time for people to start a detoxification program. With the winter weather behind us and the summer season just around the corner, now is a good time to cleanse the body. In this article we will look at the ins and outs of detoxification and learn about the most important aspects of a successful detox program.


What is Detoxification?

Detoxification can be defined as the removal of the unwanted from the body. The unwanted or toxic substances can be from the external environment, internal environment of the body, or in the mental-emotional system.

External toxins include chemicals like pesticides, food additives, plastics, heavy metals, BPA, Parabins, Phalates, and other molecules from industrial products. Internal toxins include metabolic waste products naturally produced in the body that need to be removed. These include substances like lactic acid, uric acid, carbon dioxide, and free radicals. Mental-emotional toxins include thoughts, feelings, memories, and perceptions that no longer serve us benefit and create dis-ease within the body.


Why Detoxify?

Toxins act as obstacles to optimal health by creating increased work for the body and preventing optimal cellular metabolism. For example, mercury actually displaces minerals like magnesium within several enzymes and thus prevents proper cellular energy production. Toxins are primarily stored in fat and organ tissue and disrupt hormone, neurotransmitter, and energy production and often lead weight gain and difficulty losing weight.


How Do We Detoxify?

The body is constantly detoxifying on a millisecond by millisecond basis at a cellular level. These cellular toxins are pumped into the extracellular environment where they are picked up by white blood cells. They then travel through the lymphatic system, venous system, and arteries to the organs of elimination like the liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels, skin, and mucus membranes for removal from the body.


What are the Most Important Aspects of Detoxification?

A successful detoxification program should decrease exposure to toxins, support all of the organs of elimination, and promote optimal nutrition throughout. Unfortunately, many cleanses and detox programs focus primarily on herbal laxatives and neglect many of the organs of elimination and optimal nutrition.

A successful detox program should also be tailored to the individual characteristics of each person. This should take into account the goals of the individual, sources of exposure, types of toxins acquired, and the health status of the individual organs of elimination. For example, a mechanic who has been exposed to petrochemicals on their skin and through their lungs will require a different approach than an office worker who has recently started a weight loss program.


What is Dr. Barlow’s Approach?

My approach focuses on individualized detoxification programs designed to decrease toxin exposure, support the organs of elimination, and promote optimal nutrition. I utilize advanced natural therapies like biotherapeutic drainage, intravenous nutrient infusions, neural therapy, exercise programs, acupuncture, and oral supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and botanical medicines. For more information on my detoxification programs you can contact me at the Kelowna Wellness Clinic at 250-448-5610 or visit my website at www.drbrentbarlownd.com

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About the Author

Dr. Brent Barlow is a Naturopathic Physician practicing at The Kelowna Wellness Clinic in downtown Kelowna. Dr. Barlow has been in practice in Kelowna since graduating from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver in 2009.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care physicians, and primarily use natural medicine to treat disease and promote wellness. Dr. Barlow believes strongly in identifying and treating the causes of disease rather than focusing on the treatment of symptoms.

Naturopathic medicine utilizes diet therapy, botanical medicine, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, spinal manipulation and other physical medicine treatments to treat the causes of disease. Dr. Barlow also trained in the specialized treatments of prolotherapy, neural therapy, intravenous nutrient infusions, and chelation therapy.

Dr. Barlow is in general practice and welcomes all individuals and families. As a naturopathic physician he is trained to treat all health conditions in the manner that best suits the goals of each individual patient. He also has special interests in natural treatments for pain management and digestive health.

To learn more about Dr. Barlow's treatments or to schedule a consultation, visit his website at www.drbrentbarlownd.com or call 250-448-5610.

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