Getting organized for your day!

I know getting organized for your wedding seems very straightforward and something that you have probably thought about many times; however this is absolutely one of the most important things to keeping your sanity leading up to and on the day of your wedding! Here are a few different ways of keeping yourself on track!


1. Checklists

I am sure you have probably found many of these, there are some pretty fantastic ones out there! In fact one of our local wedding hangouts, The Wedding Café, here in Kelowna has a great one on their website!



2. Prepare for EVERYTHING

A few examples of some unexpected things that could pop up! You are going to have so many people RSVP, and some that are honestly just going to assume that you already know they are coming, unfortunately this happens more than you think. Make sure when budgeting you are compensating for those extra people. Also the weather; yes it is sometimes unpredictable and even though checking out the year in advance calendar can sometimes give us relief, it never hurts to be ready for plan B. Say it rains and your location is outside, does the venue have a backup plan?  Or, even just make yourself aware of the cost of a tent.


3. Keep yourself on track with your payments

Again this may seem pretty obvious, but please make sure you are ready when all payments are due. Vendors have different dates and timelines for when they expect final payment, so keep track! Something I suggest is to create yourself a spreadsheet, just for payments and vendors, this way you’re not running into the possibility of a vendor missing your day.  Make note in your phone, calendar, etc, so you can have reminders. I do this for everything and I always make my reminders for before they are due!


4. Arranging décor

Honestly, what is more fun about creating your wedding, but the décor to make it gorgeous and your own. Make sure when doing this you are breaking down everything, from head table, the centerpieces, the gift table, the signing table, etc. It’s so easy to bounce around and lose focus then end up forgetting the one small detail that pulled that cake table together!


5. Get someone to do this all for you!

If keeping organized is not something you think you can keep on top of  (because let’s face it, this isn’t everyone’s strong point!)  I would suggest hiring someone to do this for you. Whether it be a day-of coordinator that includes this or a planner to walk you through everything, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do it alone!


So remember it’s the little things - make lists, leave notes and even make a night a week where you sit down with your glass of wine at the end of the night.  Continue to do this and make it a routine so you don’t feel like you are losing focus. It doesn’t need to be complicated, make it fun!

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Adrienne has had the pleasure of producing special events in the Okanagan with brides, grooms and businesses since 2004. She has worked as both a catering and sales manager in venues and in off-premise catering. Her years of experience in the food and beverage industry as a special events manager has taught her to have a high level of attention to detail, a passion for well executed events and love for décor and design. Accepting challenges is the foundation of her life and something she does with confidence and enthusiasm.

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