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Adrienne Klettke

Staycation or honeymoon?

So luckily you two have said your vows and had the time of your life celebrating with your closest family and friends. So what to do now - whisk yourselves away on a gorgeous, memorable vacation or perhaps make your own in the comfort of your own home?

Of course it is always lovely to travel especially just the two of you as you begin a whole other chapter in your lives - perhaps a trip to Mexico or a more casual Vegas trip. There are some fantastic ways to get great deals with all the fantastic websites out there however I do suggest for something like your honeymoon, popping in and talking to a travel agent. They will most likely have a few ideas to make it that much more special as well as find you some fantastic deals! Just remember to try to book your honeymoon about six months in advance, and double check those passports, the last thing you need is to find out it expired too late. Another suggestion is always pack in advance to be prepared. Do it a week out if you can manage because chances are you will be way to wrapped up in your wedding day the week ahead and you may forget some important things!

While a honeymoon is lovely, sometimes a staycation is in order! Weddings are a lot of work - I am sure most of you are aware of this by now and sometimes all you need is just some wind down time at home amongst yourselves. Sometimes the stress of going away can push brides and grooms over the edge. Staycations are great because you save money and you don’t need to worry about what to bring or if you missed anything. You can perhaps book a couples massage or a romantic dinner for two at a restaurant you have always wanted to try, or heck, even take up being a local tourist for a day! However I do suggest for your staycation you turn off your phones, shut down the computer, lock your doors and just enjoy each other. You can always plan a honeymoon for when it’s colder and you would probably appreciate it more!

So whether you choose to go away or stay home, at the end of the day the time is meant for the two of you, to just relax and take in each other. I will reiterate again, turn off your phone, shut off the computer and lock the doors whether you are on vacation or at home. You have all you need in each other!

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About the Author

Adrienne has had the pleasure of producing special events in the Okanagan with brides, grooms and businesses since 2004. She has worked as both a catering and sales manager in venues and in off-premise catering. Her years of experience in the food and beverage industry as a special events manager has taught her to have a high level of attention to detail, a passion for well executed events and love for décor and design. Accepting challenges is the foundation of her life and something she does with confidence and enthusiasm.

Adrienne can be contacted at [email protected]



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