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Keeping an open mind, trying alternate medicine and setting goals are key to succeeding!  (Photo: Contributed)
Keeping an open mind, trying alternate medicine and setting goals are key to succeeding! (Photo: Contributed)

The Challenge: Half Way

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Weigh-in at Half Way Point
Weight: 352 lbs

We are at our half way mark now. It is amazing the amount of changes physically and emotionally that you go through during this process. The past couple of workouts feel like the ones I had the first two weeks. Mentally I am stronger than ever. I have enough confidence to know this will continue. My biggest challenge now is to find the patience I need to keep working the system and not worry too much about what is happening on the scale. I hate the scale! I really hope for a day when we find a better way to measure success in fitness. My clothes are looser, I can do more during workouts. I recover quicker, I sweat more, but I am not seeing big results on the scale. That is all right though, it is bound to happen. As long as I keep doing my workouts and watching what I eat, my body will have no choice but to lose some weight.

One of the biggest changes in the past two weeks is the performance of my knee. As a sponsor of the Get It Back program, Dr. Brent Phillips of Okanagan Naturopath Health offered a free consultation (normally $140). We talked about a couple health issues, but the main one was how my knee was recovering from surgery. As mentioned before, one of the toughest things in the first six weeks has been to hold back or not do some exercises at all due to my knee. In particular, putting pressure over the incision points made it very difficult to do things like push ups or some of the core exercises. Dr. Phillips has a procedure that helps break down some of the scar tissue by injecting some remedies into the knee to aid in the healing process. Immediately after the injections I was able to put pressure on my knee where I wasn’t able to before.

I can’t begin to tell you the relief I felt. Mentally this has been key in how I have approached my workouts since then. The very next workout I was able to do 90% of all exercises when normally I would do maybe 75%. I could also workout more intensely. I am thinking the latter has brought back the muscle pain I had been feeling early on. If I wasn’t sure about naturopathic medicine before, I am certainly a believer now. If you have an opportunity to visit a naturopath, please do so. It may not be for everyone, but it sure doesn’t hurt to give it a try to see. It has been very energizing for me.

The second thing I want to talk about this week is a decision made by me and some of my team members. We have been giving a lot of thought as to what we are going to do after this program is finished. Most of the novelty of the program has worn off and we are still very committed and energized to keep going. That being said, the past six weeks has gone by very fast and so will the next six. So what are we going to do once this is over?

There are plans to put together a softball team. There are several 5k runs or walks as well. The one idea that has most of us excited about is to enter the Try a Tri event during the Apple Triathlon this August. Think about that for a second! I started this at 376 lbs and regular exercise was a foreign concept to me. Not for one second would I ever believe that I could enter a triathlon! Entering it isn’t enough, I am sincerely excited about being fit and able enough to do it and reach my goal!

The Try a Tri is a mini triathlon which includes a 300 meter lake swim, 15k bike ride and a 3k run. At this point I look at each part of the event and I say, "Well I can do each one of them." The swim will take me the better part of a half hour, the bike ride about an hour and I am hoping the run shouldn’t be more than a half hour. The real question comes down to how much of it I can do without stopping and how quickly I can do it.

We have the remaining six weeks of Get It Back-Give It Back to lose some more weight and then the majority of the summer to train for the Try a Tri. The thing that amazes me the most is how the mental barriers I normally run into just don’t exist anymore. Normally I would say, "No way, my body won’t be able to handle it." "That just doesn’t sound fun." "Why would I want to do that?" "I can’t run, it’s too hard on my knees." Those things just don’t play anymore. I want to do this. I want to show myself what I CAN do. Just imagine how it is going to feel at the finish line! I can look back at the past months and get that sense of accomplishment.

I don’t care if I finish last, I don’t care if it takes me three or four hours to finish, I just need to show myself that I can do it. Like I said I know I can do each leg of the race on its own already. It won’t be pretty and it will take some time, but I can do it. So with some training and focus it is just something that is going to be done!

Get it Back – Give it Back is a FREE three month fitness and weight loss challenge for anyone wanting to rediscover their health and wellness. The selected applicants will receive a 3-month fitness membership and weekly training, nutritional advice, weekly challenges, weekly tips, all valued at over $1,800. Plus a chance to win prizes monthly and the opportunity to win the Grand Prize valued over $2,500.

Dan Boundy, Marketing Consultant for Castanet Media has accepted this challenge. Dan is 37-years-old, 6 ft. 4 in. tall and his starting weight was 373 lbs.

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