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Take a step in the right direction!  Join Dan and his team for a great Saturday walk!  (Photo: Contributed)
Take a step in the right direction! Join Dan and his team for a great Saturday walk! (Photo: Contributed)

The Challenge: Week Five

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Weigh in Beginning Week 5
Weight: 352 lbs

Our walk on Saturday was a great success! We had several members from Team Yellow come out along with some of my readers and friends. After our walk we ended up having a sensible lunch at Fresh Health Café on Bernard. I actually rode my bike down to City Park and back, so I got a double workout in. We are going to do it all again this Saturday, Feb 19th. Please join us 10:30
AM at the water park in City Park. It will be a step in the right direction.

We did another weigh-in and measurement today. I am at 352 lbs which is a one pound loss from Friday of last week. We also did some measurements and there are some big numbers there. I lost 2.5 inches around my belly and another 2 inches from my hips. I am starting to feel it in my clothes. I am going to have to ask my mother-in-law if she can take some things in for me pretty soon.

I wanted to talk a bit about change in this article. After several failed attempts in the past I truly feel something different this time around. I am very fortunate to have the team and this contest to get me going. I find myself thinking about what is going to happen when this is all over. How am I going to continue the lifelong changes I need to maintain this after the contest is over? Some of my teammates have also discussed this with me so I know I am not alone.

I think the concern is that there is a fear of going back to where we were. Fear is what holds many people back. In my case that is certainly true. The fear is as fickle as being worried about having enough money to buy new cloths. It is also as serious as not being able to vision my life at a lower weight. Right now the fears that normally hold me back just don’t exist. It is like something came over me and removed all the barriers that hold me back. You have to find a way to step outside yourself and listen to what you are saying to justify where you are at. What used to be reasons will quickly change to excuses. From there you can find ways to overcome those objections and move forward.

There is a certain point that you have to take ownership and responsibility for your actions. I have been watching these shows on TV like 'Heavy' and 'Village on a Diet'. I can relate so quickly with these people. They look and sound the same way I have for so long. They use all kinds of reasoning like, it’s not their fault, it was something that happened in their childhood. They talk about how they don’t eat “that bad” or how they can’t exercise because of some ailment. Or their parents cooked the wrong food and taught bad habits. They are so locked into survival mode and have to say these things in order to justify where they are. I know because I was and I am there.

It started in elementary school. I was always the last kid picked for sports and the slowest. I had and still have little coordination so I just wasn’t as good at everything. As we all know, kids are cruel and I didn’t have the tools to deal with all the teasing. I turned to food and it was good. That snowballed into other problems as I grew up. Because I was bigger girls didn’t want to date me. My family couldn’t afford to put me into sports teams. It didn’t matter because I couldn’t make the teams anyway. Fitness wasn’t a part of the family’s lifestyle so it was never a priority. They all have a part to play in why I am where I am. The great thing is, they are all in the past. The only thing holding me back now is me. I have total control over what goes in my mouth. It is up to me if I sit on the couch or do something active. The past doesn’t define me. With each workout and weigh-in I am building more confidence in myself and my abilities.

I have been making a lot of comparisons to being an alcoholic or drug addict. The self-talk and reasoning is one thing - the physical and mental cravings are another. There are certain foods that my body really craves and wants. It has been scary how strong my body has reacted to certain cravings. For example one of my colleagues at work got some candy and chocolate from her sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. When I saw them a ‘voice’ inside me actually wanted me to just grab it off her desk and eat it. I have never really experienced this before because I have always given in or had treats accessible to me. The fact that this overwhelming “voice” was speaking to me was very unsettling. I have also heard this “voice” at the thought of a bag of chips, or a bag of skittles. Even writing this down my body is begging me to have some. Right now I am just too stubborn to give in. I have seen results so far and I am not going to let that go until these three months are over.

I have ten people on my team. There were 120 applicants for this program. Biggest Loser has been on the air for several seasons with several members on each team. There are countless cases around the world of people that have made the change and reached their goals. It is happening every day all around us. Why can’t it happen for you or me?

It can! The key is eat well, exercise and get your head straight. The biggest challenge is to get your head in the game. When you get all three your body is going to respond and you will reach your goals. It is not going to happen overnight. It is going to be tough. Your body is going to be sore. It does get easier and the pain does go away. You just have to get started and be stubborn until you get there. The best thing is to just get started and do something today that you didn’t do yesterday.

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Dan Boundy, Marketing Consultant for Castanet Media has accepted this challenge. Dan is 37-years-old, 6 ft. 4 in. tall and his starting weight was 373 lbs.

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