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The love and support from my family and friends gives Dan the inspiration to keep going!  (Photo: Contributed)
The love and support from my family and friends gives Dan the inspiration to keep going! (Photo: Contributed)

The Challenge: Week Three

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Weigh in Beginning Week 3
Weight: 357 lbs

As a team we weighed in and collectively have lost over 96 lbs! Personally, I have lost 19 lbs! It’s only been two weeks and I am down 19 lbs - it still hasn’t sunk in yet! These first couple of weeks have been really challenging. My muscles have really ached a lot. I even went to the doctor about a pain in my back. I am very proud of myself for sticking with it this far, but I know there is way more to go, so I am trying to stay grounded about it.

It is the beginning of Week 3. The biggest hurdle I have overcome this week seems to be the pain threshold. For two weeks now I have been hearing about how the pain goes away after a couple of weeks. I have willed myself into the gym every morning and every morning I was rewarded with pain throughout the rest of the day. At the end of this week I was feeling pretty beat down and discouraged. I wasn’t sure if I could keep this up, but, something changed over the weekend.

I took Saturday off. I managed to sleep in till 8am. On Sunday morning we didn’t get any snow, so for some reason I felt like going on a bike ride. This was the best thing I could have done in the past three weeks. I have always enjoyed riding my bike. I rode my bike everywhere when I was a kid. There is something about the alone time I enjoy. I love plugging in my headphones and just riding. It clears my head.

Before my ride I was feeling fatigued, my muscles were sore and my spirits were low. During my ride I found something very interesting. Hills I was having trouble with last summer were easier to climb. I also found that my body seemed to want more. The tougher the ride was, the more my body wanted. I was actually enjoying the burn in my legs and lungs. It was amazing! I also noticed that when I was finished my ride all that pain in my body kind of left! Three was a little bit of fatigue but not the kind that was discouraging me over the past couple of weeks. I just can’t believe I have pushed myself to this point. It feels amazing. Again, it just gives me another reason to keep pushing and see how far I can go over the remaining 10 weeks.

I want to finish this week by acknowledging something very important to me. I need to recognize the love and support of those close to me. I can’t imagine going through this on my own. In particular I have to thank my wife. I have attached a picture of a collage she made for me. It is an inspirational collection of pictures and words that are sure to help me keep going.

As you can all appreciate, you want to be around for your children as long as you can. For me, being able to participate in activities is a crucial part of growing up. In my current state it is a challenge just to get down on the floor with my 15-month-old. My 10-year-old daughter was visiting last summer. On a couple of occasions I had to tell her I couldn’t do certain things with her. It was a terrible feeling.

We have another daughter on the way. She is due April 10th. This journey is to make sure I have the tools I need to be the best father I can for my girls. I feel our job as parents is to give our children the life skills they need to enjoy life and be healthy. How can I do that if I am not here, or if I am living an unhealthy lifestyle? I can’t think of a better reminder each morning of why this journey is so important to me. So thank you Mrs. Boundy - you are amazing!

As part of the relationship between Global Fitness and Castanet Media I have been authorized to offer my readers a free pass to join me for a single workout. E-mail me at [email protected] and I will let you know my schedule this week.

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Dan Boundy, Marketing Consultant for Castanet Media has accepted this challenge. Dan is 37-years-old, 6 ft. 4 in. tall and his starting weight is 373 lbs.

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