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Dogs like to look good too!

Kelowna has a new friend on the block. The Pawpular Pooch. It's a unique – boutique for dogs that sits at 590 Bernard Avenue. I found this hip pup store while taking a stroll downtown.

At first I didn't notice the name of the store. It was the window display that lured me in. On showcase, a pink studded “belt-like” item studded with silver stars. It called out to me – Come! Come! Great, I thought, a new clothing store for women!

Inside, hardwood floors lined a wall of clothing and accessories. A display of cute tanks tops - white, pink, black, and camouflage. Some with quotes, some with pictures. They were definitely fashionable but the only thing was they looked way too small for me. In the front, a collection of tote bags stared my way. The styles varied from classy to funky. Each one designed with a rather large opening at the end. Was it a new trend? No. There was something different here. Then it all clicked. This was no ordinary boutique.

The Pawpular Pooch Boutique is a shop just for your pup! (Which is why the tank tops were so small). On a closer look, each little t-shirt, poncho and parka had holes for doggy legs. The cute "belts" in the window – were actually collars. And the tote bags...well they allow for dog passage - a carrying tote if you will.

Owner and operator Dara-Lynn Nordquist has created a utopia for your pet. Because people love their dogs there is a little something for all-small, medium, large, a pug, a spaniel, a retriever. No matter what kind, Dara-Lynn has something for them dog food, dog treats, bowls, leashes, toys and my personal favourite...biodegradable poop bags!

Dara-Lynn has only been open for two weeks, but she says the response has been tremendous and is already selling out of some products. She says of her pooch palace, "It's fun! Who wouldn't want to do this everyday!"

For cat lovers, don't worry. She'll be bringing in a line for the feline in the New Year. Meanwhile, bring your pet down and play with this shopping experience. The Pawpular Pooch Boutique at 590 Bernard Avenue – 862-3647.

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