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May long weekend. It’s the mark of the beginning of another season of adventure, indulgence and slathering on the sunscreen to bask in the gift of the glow. Sunshine.

People are willing to drive over high mountains and through compromising situations to get here. They often put themselves through stresses they might not usually endure just for the sake of getting away from it all for a weekend with that one magical day of extension that seemingly makes it all worth the while.

One thing I think those of us that have traveled from the lower mainland to the interior can all attest to is seeking a certain  “relief” from the long trip up and over the Coquihalla Highway.

This May long weekend was not unlike any other, in that we saw an influx of travelers heading once again for the annual pilgrimage to the warm, dry and sunny interior where the beaches were hot, the breeze was warm and throngs of people found themselves crossing their legs in an uncomfortable twist not recommended for vehicular travel. Knees banging together in physical signs of stress and angst, along with the furled brows and squeamish smiles of those in panic mode just waiting to see a sign of somewhere they can...”go”.

The interior’s Crown Jewel of the Incredible Sunny Okanagan Valley stood out proud this fine weekend. We showed what K-Town is REALLY made of and we let those stressed and uncomfortable travelers see hope on the horizon. As they approached the bridge from the west side of the pond headed east, they were greeted with what must have been akin to a brightly shining “pot” of gold at the end of a very, very long rainbow...the Coquihalla Highway.

Kelowna. Proud to stand above and beyond the call of duty in times of great need.

Kelowna. With a place for everyone to “go”.

Kelowna. A beacon on distant horizons to guide the weary traveler to safety, comfort and a dispenser for scented hand sanitizer to keep your digits germ-free..

Kelowna. Home of the Big Blue Loo.

I'm appalled that the city of Kelowna would allow this representation (although perhaps more accurate than other options) to be displayed in the first place. To allow this representation on one of the busiest weekends of the season, and the mark of a new year of tourism in the Okanagan sets me on my laurels.

What I cannot help but find even MORE appalling is the fact that it has been allowed to stay.

I can somewhat understand this as an oversight, but clearly once the big blue loo was displayed, surely someone in a suit would have taken note and done something about this embarrassing show of our standing as a city.


I'm not proud to be from a city marked by the world's largest portable toilet.

I do however know where to go in Kelowna.

I can't miss it.

Bob Weaver

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