Blast about gun letter

I usually do not respond to these letters but to actually read what this Mark Goddard has insinuated is crazy.

The RCMP are advising you that having these replicas causes danger to the person who waves them about and in extreme cases could result in the death of the person when he or she uses it in a threatening manner.  Do you think for an instant that British Police would not have the same reaction and yes there are police officers there that have guns to respond to firearm complaints.

Come on what kind of letter or comment was that supposed to be?  Maybe we should have a camera in every parking lot, intersection, pub, restaurant or any other public or non public place like they do in England.

The police have come close to shooting a person with a pellet gun or water pistol but I do not recall, at least in Canada, where they have actually shot anyone but I may be wrong.  Not sure how many persons answering their own door with a remote in their hand have been killed either but it must be pretty low and again not in Canada.

COME ON !!!!

David Wooldridge

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