A plea from a dancer's mother

Ballet Kelowna bows out gracefully? A misnomer someone would like the press to believe. As a parent of one of the dancers having their contract slashed, and former dancer myself, I find this kind of press quite harmful and not at all revealing the truth.

The staff, dancers and presenters want to move mountains to preserve the current season and end the 10th anniversary with dignity, honor, and yes – grace! It’s time for the citizens of Kelowna to react with voices and pocketbooks of support for these dedicated artists who pledge their lives to bring the art and entertainment of dance to their community.

How fortunate for Kelowna to have it’s very own dance company lead by such a distinguished and dedicated artist as David LaHay.  Please help  Ballet Kelowna honor the dancers 2012-2013 contract and meet their “financial obligations” to the artists and their performance obligations to audiences. For the board to act in any other manner is uncaring and dishonourable.

PATTI CAPLETTE Artistic Director

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