Space Monkey

This letter is in response to the article "Iranian space monkey business".

The title is the makes light of this innocent creature who is being shot up into space. Judging by these conditions, I do hope that the monkey is no longer being subjected to this torment and is in a happier place now. It is appalling to me, how people can be a part of this abuse to animals, and see the look of terror on his face, but it is still not enough for people to refrain from horrible acts such as these.

I believe that people here in the Okanagan are caring people, and although we are not all animal lovers, I know that I am among others who feel this way. Judging by our willingness to come together and fight for stranger's dogs to come home, (such as Shadow or Diesel) I am sure there are other viewers of this story, who are saddened that there is no concern expressed for the way this monkey is being treated.

Let's forget about whether Iran lied or not about if the monkey survived, and let's put the focus on these animals, and the fact that whether they live or not, this is horrible cruelty, and I am utterly ashamed to be part of the human race.

Animals such as this poor monkey do not have a voice; we NEED to be their voice.

Thank you,
Stephanie Chase

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