Are taxpayers stupid

Are we the Canadian taxpayers absolutely stupid?

Besides all the other wasted expenditures by our Federal and Provincial Governments we spent untold millions on these super duper fighter aircraft that are supposed to protect us from our enemies WHAT ENEMIES ???????

Millions of dollars spent on Mali and now twenty five million to be sent to Syria to help the people there survive from a corrupt Government, and also millions of dollars to a corrupt Government in Haiti and many other handouts too numerous to count.

I am not saying that we should not help other nations that are in a disaster mode, but what I do say, along with millions of other Canadians is lets get our own house in order first, and look at our own problems, with the homeless, serious medical financial problems, the jobless, families on welfare (getting fed by foodbanks) because they do not have enough money to feed themselves or there families.

And yet we give millions and millions of dollars to other countries for these same reasons,  some that do not even like us while our own people go jobless, lack proper medical care and go hungry, lets look after our own people first, then if there is any thing left over then give to these countries

Thomas James McLuskey
West Kelowna

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