Letter: Rocket's Commentator

I happened to catch a bit of the Rocket/Silvertips hockey game on the radio Friday night and was totally appalled at what I heard.

The commentator was saying that what was needed was some altercations to create some 'bad blood' between the teams. What kind of talk is that?

I hope his views aren't the objectives and directives of the coaches. What happened to playing to the best of your ability in a sportsman like manner? What a sad day when hockey players have to turn ugly (breaking the very rules designed to protect players) to win!

I chatted with a friend later who was at the game and his comment was, 'maybe it was to get some incentive going'. So, if I follow this logic correctly, to get a 'good hockey game' is to have fouling angry hockey players. This resulting 'bad blood' then translates into players who then set out to foul their opponents - possibly injuring them in the process. When the opponents retaliate back then they will get a penalty which will then give us the extra man advantage, which hopefully enables us to score.

This is playing by whatever means to win instead of winning by fair, honest, and hard work play. Sounds like the commentator wants to foster more 'Bertuzzi' type players - who ended up in tears anyway, and feeling quite unhappy with their actions. Let's have responsible commentating.


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