Not impressed with UBCO

I had the opportunity to attend James Burke's presentation at the Community Theatre and found it to be thought provoking and entertaining, however very hard to hear and see.  

The technical aspects of his presentation were second rate if that.  One would think that UBCO and the Community Theatre would be more engaged in their  distinguished speaker's technical needs and requirements so that their presentation could be top notch. 

Not only did Mr. Burke's microphone output need to be turned up but his computer graphics were a complete bomb.   Obviously a  sound check and computer presentation rehearsal with him did not occur.  When he referred to his first computer image it had been stretched so much to fit the screen that the part of the image that he was referring to did not even show on the screen. 

He eventually gave up on his computer when he couldn't find a page.  The audience was left with a large glaring white screen that covered the stage for the last two thirds of his talk. This was very visually jarring for the audience to look at. 

All it takes to avoid these kinds of technical glitches is to have someone ask Mr. Burke what his presentation entails and rehearse the visuals beforehand.

Could UBCO not have provided Mr. Burke with a someone to assist him with the technical aspects of his presentation? The Community Theatre is entirely responsible for the poor sound and stretched screen visuals. The overall lack of technical professionalism was astounding.

James Burke and the audience deserved better.

Vicki Rigetti

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