House party

OKM House Wrecking Party

This is the second party that got out of hand from OKM this year – there was the bush party where they left a huge mess behind also.  If I recall a bunch of good Samaritans went in to clean up that mess!

Let me start by saying I have young children of my own and am not assuming that they will be perfect; however, when they mess up, as these OKM students have, they will be held accountable for their actions.

The ‘party’ was posted on Facebook, there is video of the incident, ask/find out if your kids were there and if they were DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  Make them personally apologize, offer to help clean up, take some savings or get a job to replace the items that were lost.  What about clothing and technology?  If there were 150 kids at that party making them all step up, being accountable for their actions and paying restitution would go a long way in helping this family out.

One mom even went to pick up her daughter’s cell phone.  If/when that is one of my kids SHE and my husband/myself will be taking her to the house to retrieve it, apologize and take whatever tongue lashing the owner wants to dish out!

This sounds like it was a pre-planned event with video evidence.  Why are charges not being laid for vandalism, theft, destruction of property?

If this was a grad party I would expect that OKM’s principal should be looking at serious sanctions for the entire grade – take away some of their ‘grad’ privileges, trips etc.  Punish the whole lot and maybe pressure from their peers will straighten them out.  Are your children barn animals?  Urinating all over, throwing tv’s through windows, fighting etc.

Come on parents you start holding your child responsible for their actions, instead of helicopter parenting and protecting them, be a PARENT, not a friend, and make this right!

I have asked Castanet to remain anonymous - heaven forbid if one of these hooligans figured out where I lived and did something to my house - which, by the way, is another sad statement of today's society - the worry that you cannot freely express an opinion without being targeted or vandalized.

A.P. Kelowna

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