2nd John in pimp dad case in court

I have got to take a second, stop, and write this letter.  I cannot believe the writing in this article.  Who would allow such graphic nature be posted on castanet. 

The writer of this article actually wrote: "Crown counsel Deb Drissell said the accused was observed by undercover police officers in July of 2011 picking up the underage girl and taking her to a location where he received a blow job for a cost of $60." I don't know if I am just getting too old (I'm 27) but that is some seriously unacceptable writing.  Sorry, but there are many different ways that could have been worded, such as "...where she performed sexual acts in exchange for money".

Now my child doesn't need to come to me and say, "Mom, what's a blow job" (My child is only 3, but I am speaking on behalf of parents with children who can read - and adults too for that matter).  That article is seriously lacking class.  I had to say something, I am typically not one to complain but we are just soooo incredibly desensitized by this stuff and I am not liking it not one bit.


Shantal McNally

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