Transfusion Against Ones Will

To the editor:

I think that statement about a forced blood transfusion being like rape was taken too literally. This 14 year old girl was not comparing the two. What she was saying is that a rape is obviously done to someones body against their will.

Seems a blood transfusion is something she does not want done to her body, forcing one on her is like a rape of her faith. I respect this young ladies faith and her courage to take an interest in the bible at her age......if more kids did that and actually listened to some principles that are in the bible, we would see a lot safer streets.

You ask what are those people teaching there children? Well from what I had heard, because I have a friend who is a Jehovahs Witness, is that they are taught morals and they follow those rules strictly. They are not out doing drugs, stealing, getting abortions or causing trouble. I say leave her alone and let her decide what she wants. Faith can move mountains.

Jeff P.

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