Snow pain

Dear castanet,

With regards to your article about snow removal, I live in west bank and with regards to the main roads they are well kept, but side roads are horrible. I drive for my job, I was leaving a job in Glenrosa on Gorman Rd.

I was doing 20km/h and attempted to stop with loads of room, yes the intersection was plowed but no sand or gravel, luckily I aimed my work van off to the side to the dirt shoulder to stop, or I would have been t-boned.

It is disgusting on the side roads where houses are, I shoveled the side walk across from my place, not my responsibility, but for people that walk there kids and elderly people, Low and behold the plow truck comes later that day and covers half of the 80ft. of side walk I just shoveled, can you say dumb.

It is ridiculous to say at any point that these guys aren't doing there job, but it is safe to say they are cutting so many corners it's dangerous and someone is going to get hurt, or worse. Just today Dec. 17/12 the road in front of my house was just plowed around 3-3:30 p.m., guess what no sand and it is one complete compact sheet of snow, why?, I almost fell on my butt three times, and that's with proper winter boots on.

For the lady in Kelowna, defiantly slow down, but that doesn't matter if the road is compact snow that's just as slippery as ice, and they have not got enough sense to sand an intersection, and all your going to do is slide.

I was working in upper Mission last winter and I kid you not the Argo plow truck went by me 6 times in less than 30mins, to the point the plow blade was scrapping pavement, so 14hrs. of plowing plausible, but was that in a parking lot, cause that's enough time to drive to prince George and back, and that would be 1400km.

These private plow company's should be able to be held responsible if any damages to vehicles and persons, granted sense does dictate " it's snow, it's slippery be careful " that does not however excuse that laxidasicale nature that is evident while traveling on side roads in west bank, if you think I am lying come for a drive in Rose Valley, Glenrosa area, Boucherie, and not on the main roads, drive the side roads.

Thanks Shane da costa

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