Right To Religious Beliefs

To the editor:

IN all respect for any religious beliefs, if you can have a right to a do not resuscitate order, then you should have a right to decide on blood transfusions. I personally think if it wasn't meant to be then man would not know how to do such acts, but I do believe in all persons having a right to their religions whether I agree or not.

Now if this young lady so strongly believes in her faith what right do we have to determine her course of action whether this is right or wrong. I have yet to personally meet the higher powers of man kind and this is what she and her family believe.(At least she has faith)

Please allow her the one thing no one can take or decide and do not force this on her. Give her respect in the fact she is fighting for what she believes and allow her to live her life as she would want it to be. God bless you for your faith in the higher powers of man.

A. Lifely

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