Where Was Sindi Hawkins?

To the editor:

It’s interesting that we can’t open a newspaper or watch the news in the past several months without seeing MLA Sindi Hawkins, either presenting a trophy, handing out money, telling her health story on T.V. and now grandstanding with the dumping of a load of sand.

I find this hard to take, in that during the first half of the Liberal government’s term, nowhere was Ms Hawkins to be seen. Where was she when hospital beds were being closed, women’s shelters under-funded and workers’ contracts were being torn up? I don’t recall her being present or in the media making any of those announcements or making any comments about these important issues.

Previously, as Health Planning Minister, she watched while waiting lists got 30 – 40% longer, no new long term care beds were established in an aging population, less home care provided, less hospital beds, closing of hospitals in the province and firing 10,000 employees (mostly women). In short, totally under-funding and mismanaging the health care system which has led us to this health care crisis today.

The biggest promise the Liberals could not keep was the 5,000 long term care beds. It would seem to me that as Health Planning Minister and MLA, Ms Hawkins has failed.

As a cancer survivor myself, I wish her a long healthy life but I hope at election time people remember how invisible Ms Hawkins has been.

D. Weavers

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