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To the editor:

I am a disabled person with the use of an electric scooter, that puts my life on the line every day crossing driveways that belong to businesses and also homes. The people that come out of the business driveways come out so fast that I have almost been hit twice, and this last time I was not even in the drive way and a blonde woman came screeching up to and across the side walk and had to slam on her brakes to let me cross, (I had already come to a stop on my scooter as I saw her coming and as soon as you take your finger off the lever it stops. I was not even in the drive way, just off side of it.) This woman had to audacity to cuss me and yell at me as if I had done something wrong which I had not.

I feel the city needs to warn the people on bikes and scooters again to watch carefully at driveways from homes and especially business for people in cars that are not watching for them. In the case there is not a stop sign, the side walk in the driveway is where the car should stop to check for traffic on the street and the sidewalk.

People please drive and ride defensively, always be watching and looking around you and know what is going on around you at all times, as the people in cars are not watching for you. Because I'm watching I will live to ride again and I will continue to be aware of my surroundings.


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