Summerland seniors death

It is good to see the BC Coroner's office is going to investigate the death of the Vulnerable Senior in Summerland, that will help the grieving family with some closure in the future.

My Dad passed away in January 2012, in apparent perfect health for his age, myself I would classify his death as suspicious. 

Both myself and my Dad's Medical Doctor agreed to the need for an Autopsy but the Coroner refused.

So I will always have my unanswered questions but No Peace of Mind.

And to add insult to injury the PG&T's office obtained the Death Benefit from CPP , that was for my Dad's funeral expense's. 

I do not believe that a World War II Veteran's honour should be desecrated this way.

I do not lose any sleep over this matter, but I will sure will Never Forget.

Mark Coleman
West Kelowna

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