Mantler pleads guilty

Constable Mantler pleads guilty.

My first thought when I read this was:  Why did this  coward  wait for almost 2 years to plead guilty to the charges.
No apology,  just   "yes, I did it".  

Meanwhile he tied up the court system for a long time, which is constantly overloaded, he runs up a humongous bill for the government , the taxpayer,  and who pays the bill for his defence lawyer?

Of course, he has the right to his day in court,   by all means the criminal's right has to be protected.  But give me a break, don't they teach an aspiring police officer to first of all " do the right thing"   Every one makes mistakes ,some serious, some minor.

But then:  OWN UP and admit it.!!   Of course , the trend is , especially in the Police forces, DENY. And then we wonder why people don't  have respect for the RCMP anymore.  Most likely this man will lose his job permanently, his chances of promotion are virtually nil anyway , so why would he want to stay in?

These are some of the thoughts that popped into my head, maybe I'm the only one

Mel Huisman, Westbank

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