Larger Arena Needed

To the editor:

To the reader who suggested Kelowna doesn't need a bigger arena, you are
very wrong. First of all, I have been a follower of the Rockets from back in the days in the old Kelowna barn so don't label me as a band-wagoner. I have only missed a handful of games in the past 5-7 years.

As for your statement "everyone had a chance to buy playoff tickets before
the playoff even began", you are wrong. ONLY season ticket holders had the
luxury of buying playoff packages. The blue-collar workers like myself can't afford to pay season ticket prices all at once in the beginning of the year like some wealthy folks in Kelowna. Even if some people wanted to buy season tickets, they can't now as there is a waiting list. Please know your facts before writing response letters like the one you wrote.

As for fans "not watching when the Rockets begin losing", this may happen
but let's also look in the near future as Kelowna's population begins to
skyrocket. 10,000 is a size of arena Kelowna will need very soon.

The reader needs to realize that there are many people like myself looking
in from the outside. Not everyone is fortunate like you. Enough said.


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