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To the editor:

When was the last time Castanet published six letters in one day, all on the same topic, all slanted in the same direction?

I found Todd Cormier's "whack-job" letter to be particularly offensive. When did Castanet start publishing letters expressing direct hatred of a particular person? While not a supporter of anyone in power (be it politics or any other field) who breaks the law, I am appalled at the vitriol that these letters exuded. I guess it's the "kick him while he's down" syndrome.

Mr. Robinson was not "caught" he turned himself in. His wrong-doing did not endanger anyone's life, as did our illustrious Premier's drunk driving episode. Nor did it cost the taxpayers millions of dollars, like the patronage scandal. Granted, our justice system stinks (i.e. four years jail time for a man who stabbed his wife to death---43 times), but let's not crucify the man before he even gets to court.

My God, people, save your outrage for something that really hurts us all! Svend Robinson has only hurt himself, and for that I'm sure he will pay dearly. Personally, I'm sad to see one of our hardest-working MPs in a situation where he feels he must step down. Too bad our Premier wasn't so honorable!

-D. Scott

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