Something's wrong with 'Worst Driver'

To the editor:

So here we have an 18 year old boy in Kelowna who was nominated for the TV show 'Canada’s Worst Driver.'

Wow -  he must be so proud.

On October 30, 2004, a 17 year old boy ran a stop sign and abruptly ended my 48 year old brother’s life, he left a widow, five children, a broken-hearted mother, some wounded siblings and many grieving friends.

Eight years later the pain is still very real.

Our new “hero” has already caused 10 accidents and destroyed several vehicles and he seems to think it is a big joke.

Well I can tell you from experience it is no joke, the pain is real, it doesn’t go away and lives are changed forever.

Instead of throwing him a party, why not take him off the road until he is responsible enough to drive?

Dave Corbett

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