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To the editor:

I recently sent off a letter to the City asking if and when they would be issuing watering restrictions here in Kelowna. I am still waiting for their response. Having said that, I feel it is time to lay down watering restrictions NOW, not later. It is evident that we are already in a dire situation in regards to our water levels, and the City needs to step up and say watering must be at a minimum this year.

I lived on the Coast for over 30 years and we always had restrictions on watering. Kelowna needs to do the same. Last year in Coquitlam even numbered houses got to water twice per week. The same for odds. Then it went down to one day per week, and eventually none. It's high time Kelowna got us on two day watering schedules as well. Hey, I like having a nice green lawn too, but when situations get serious like this, we can all have a little yellower lawn until things get back to normal. It'll be interesting to see if City Hall gets serious about a serious situation.


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