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To the editor:

Praise the care at KGH. I was admitted in December for surgery and dealt with approximately 10 different nurses and doctors (that I can remember) and out of all of them, only one was less that great and she was probably just stressed at having about 8 recovering surgery patients in her sole care!

The staff was great and very up beat, they joked and laughed with me as I was waking up from surgery and made the whole experience quite amusing! I even had one wonderful nurse in recovery wrap me from head to toe in heated blankets because I was a little chilly. As for the food, it's hospital food, it has to be bland and easy to digest so that people can actually keep it down and draw some sort of nourishment from it. And as for your complaints about "clickety heels" on doctors, give me a break lady! These doctors work day (and night) to see that people like yourself are taken care of and you feel that you can tell them what type of shoes to wear so that you can get some rest?

You obviously weren't very sick as you were able to get up and fetch drinks for your roommates and felt good enough to write a letter full of complaints. I hate to break it to you M. Douglas, but you're not royalty and a little bit of discomfort when you're away from home is the norm, stop feeling so sorry for yourself and be happy that you live in a place where hospital services are actually available to us! Blame the system, the staff is probably just as unhappy with the way things are but do their best to deal with it, just as I suggest you do!

As for the staff at KGH, keep up the good work and remember how appreciated you are by most of us!!

J. Baker

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