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To the editor:

I have been in the hospital for numerous surgeries, and other things and I come out in support of the staff, and how overworked they are, and the nurses have the write to read on there breaks and talk.

As for taking your own dressing off, well get a grip because unless you are rich you will have to do it at home for your self. I changed all my dressings in and out of hospital. I was up the day of my surgery walking around and yes I was weak but if you do not get up and move you will not get better.

The staff at the Hospital is doing there best with the hand dealt them by this awful government, with massive cut-backs and other stuff. You will find it will get worse as long as people complain and do nothing to help or support the hospital workers. Why don't you talk to the workers and hear what work conditions are really like, I have and they are deplorable.

Thank you Hospital Workers for all your hard work.

B. Westlake

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