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To the editor:

This morning I saw an article where Burne Ave. will have a detour, due to sewer and water line upgrades.

I have only one thing to say to the residents of Burne Ave, and the adjoining properties: TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR HOMES BEFORE THE WORK BEGINS!! Make sure that you take clear photos of all sides of the house, focusing on the siding, concrete, and as much of the foundation as possible. I WISH THAT I HAD DONE THIS BEFORE THE UPGRADE ON GLENWOOD AVE. I now have cracks into my foundation, the stucco is cracked and broken. I have interior cracks in the drywall, etc., etc.

Of course I didn't realize that there was any damage until it was too late!The City had someone come out and assess the property, and they denied liability. (no "before" pictures to prove that it was all due to the construction..) If I had thousands of dollars, I could probably get engineers to prove that the work caused the damages, but I don't, and can't!

Another very important thing to note is...if you find that your property has suffered any damages, go to your household insurance carrier, and explain the situation immediately! They may or may not be able to assist in the damage claim, but at least there will be more information on file.

Good Luck!!


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