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To the editor:

After having the displeasure to spend five days in our own Kelowna General Hospital after major surgery, I am writing to express my concern about the future of our Health Care here.

I had over the years heard my friends and family complain about how the Health Situation had deteriorated, but not having had much to do with it I reserved any judgment until last week.

Less than forty-eight hours after my surgery I was told to "have a shower and take off my dressing". Now showering is nothing new to me, but after general anesthetic one doesn't feel too perky. Nevertheless onward and upward. I was ill prepared for how weak I would feel and how distressed I would become at removing my own dressing.
It was frightening and disgusting. It is not my job to do what a health care provider should do. I assure you anyone who is less strong than I would have passed out.

Moving on, I was warned about the food in the Hospital, but never gave it a second thought. I mean, how bad could it be??? BAAAAAD!!! How can anyone expect to get better on the over processed and nutritionally deprived food that is served? I wouldn't even have minded that, but it even tasted horrid. I truly think patients could recover more quickly on nachos and Doritos, at least it would give them something to look forward to.

As I was on a ward with three other women and I felt the best, I occasionally would make them tea or get ice water for them. Several times I would pass the nurses' station and find two or three of them reading and not medical journals. I realize that gone are the days of the starched uniforms and peaked hats, but really. Even several of my visitors commented that when passing by the nurses' station to visit me in my room, there wasn't much activity other than reading the newspaper. I would also like to say that the lack of compassion shown by the nurses (except for one) is disgusting. People who are hospitalized are generally frightened and feel their world is out of control and it is. I kind word or a gentle gesture would go a long way. I say if you don't like what you are doing or the conditions you are working in, GET OUT!!

Also, a hospital ward is some place to hopefully rest and get better, but there was one doctor, I don't know who she is who would do rounds in clickity, clickity high heels. Soft soled shoes please. Have some consideration for the patients, it was very annoying and disturbing.

In conclusion, I would like to say that had I not had the terrific Surgeon that I did who came to see me every day, and my family and friends, I would have been one very scared patient. If health care has come to this, where will it be twenty years from now? Think about it.

Respectfully and with much concern

W. Douglas

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