I Would Not Shoot

To the editor:

People say that they would shoot if put in that situation. Well I would not. From what we are hearing the boy was bit, not hospitalized for being mauled or maimed. Did the boy get stitches?? The neighbor jumped the gun literally and shot before thinking.

Like, why did the dog bite and was the boy really trespassing? Isn't that one reason why people have dogs to protect their family from trespassers. A dog can't always distinguish the difference between men and boys or a threat if it is coming from a strange person.

It was a neighboring dispute. It was probably just his way of getting back at them for whatever reason.

We are Canadians. When people think of us they think of peace and care. Not gunning down neighbors dogs. That is why the authorities should have been brought in. They are always good at distinguishing when a violent animal should be put down.

And from the sounds of it Jake was not a violent animal. I am greatly sorry for the loss of their FAMILY pet. I would be very upset if someone shot my dog. Too many people dogs or cats are family members, so the neighbor just shot a family member but how should he be charged?


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