Duran In Fine Form

To the editor:

I want to lend my voice to the Duran Duran fan who wrote in. I too have been surprised and dismayed at the negative press that this concert received. The band was in fine form, professional, engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as did many people around me.

Does the press also make derogatory comments about the Rockets when their fans leave the game early?? I absolutely understand why some folks like to avoid the traffic mayhem that traditionally ensues as a venue empties after any event - I do not believe the people who left Duran Duran early was a reflection of a poor performance.

As to the concert not being sold out, maybe that's because so many of us refuse to pay the exorbitant ticket prices - I was considering not going because of the price, but decided as I don't go to concerts every month that I would do it to see this band.

May I also comment that I do not think that Duran Duran should have to be written about as a nostalgia act as many of their recent top 10 hits would suggest otherwise. By the way kudos to Kelly Hayes - my 11 yr old enjoyed seeing a bit of what Mum saw on Tuesday night!!

K. Ade Kelowna

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