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To the editor:

Recently there was a young boy bitten on the heel by a dog. I am completely disgusted with the SPCA and the police at this point. Not only did this father (who is a hunter) miss this poor dog at close range but he caused pain to an animal. Hey Kelowna SPCA,do your job!
I worked at an SPCA in the Kootenays and killing another person's dog on its own property without contacting the proper authorities is illegal, never mind your own pet. It makes me sick that this dog has not bitten before and was killed.
To the police I am sure happy you are out there protecting our children. You release repeat sex offenders, violent criminals and what not with repeat records but you can't even enforce the animal cruelty act. I am not defending the dog as my son was attacked 2 weeks ago by our neighbours dog and yes the dog broke the skin. After calming down I went and talked to them and we made sure to the best of our ability this would not happen again. I guess the police and SPCA figure that they had no leg to stand on in the other situation as the father has yet to be charged -- firing a gun on private property, harassment, personal trauma to both parties, animal cruelty. Did he have any criminal record?
From the sounds of what's being said, the police and SPCA are incapable of their own duties in this situation.
P.S. If a dog bites a heel at this time of year, the boy must have been wearing shoes and Jake could not have broken the skin. And to the boy who was bit, its a shame that this was not rectified properly. What a lesson for you. If you ever get hurt dad can shoot the problem.
Angie L.

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