I Would Shoot

To the editor:

My answer would have to be YES...

In you article your quote:
"It's not the right thing do," says Sergeant Julio Krenz.

"Use the police for what they're meant for instead of taking the law into your own hands."

We have had a problem with our neighbours since we moved in 2 years ago. They have a "Rock Band" that is set up in a shed in the back yard. Their so called music (even our kids hate it) is so loud that even with all the doors and windows closed in the house, it is hard to hear our TV. Other neighbours gave up complaining and suggest ear plugs. I have called the police 6 times in the last year and it still goes on, so why bother with the police? In one instance, the police arrived while they were playing very loud, the officer, using his baton, banged repeatedly on the shed door. Finally they opened the door in response to the knocking (banging) and stopped for the night. But the next night they were back at it. Why did the police, since this was not the first time, issue a ticket right away? Why did the police give them 24 hrs to remove the "Band" from the shed? Why did the police warn them that this was against the law and to continue would mean a fine? Why?, cause they are useless, like the old saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

-Stephen May

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