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To the editor:

In John McColl’s letter, “Economics versus Environment”, he stated, he and his developer colleagues know how to protect it and do so. How, plundering it today and let our children pay tomorrow?

He agrees that my comments regarding the environment being finite are correct. He even identifies the insatiable demands on the environment coming from increasing population and development. However, despite this evidence, he doesn’t want to restrict new comers moving here. Why not, when overpopulation and development kills the environment.

Of course, for maximum profit siphoning, developers and Chamber of Commerce types lure endless hordes here to increase conspicuous consumption.

However, when the environment eventually becomes depleted, polluted, and destroyed, many developers and C.O.C types avoid complicity claiming “the market made them do it”. Others, slither away to parts unknown leaving residents to pay and rectify the development and environmental quagmire.

Already water experts warn that within 25 years, if the rate of population and development growth aren’t slowed down, Kelowna and the Valley’s water supplies will be used up. So, there’s no choice, either put the brakes on growth today or residents, agriculture, and even wildlife will face drought tomorrow.

McColl and colleagues should put their money where their mouths are and demand that City Halls throughout the Valley place quotas, moratoriums, and limitations on development permits, tying them to drinkable water supplies to guarantee community water forever. Developers owe environmental sustainability to the community, the environment, and their own children.

-Robert Cichocki

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