Lenient Justice System

To the editor:

Our worthless justice system is finally taking some heat. I remember watching 20/20 or Dateline a year or so ago and they were talking about different justice systems all over the world. I thought our justice system was a joke to begin with, but after listening to the program and some convicts comparing our justice system to others in the world, I realized how pathetic we are.

One CRIMINAL actually said that if you were going to commit a crime, don't do it in Mexico, or the United States but do it in Canada. In his experience, and he had experienced all three, Canada's justice system was lenient compared to the others.

A way to get tourism up is to advertise how easy Canada's justice system is and we will attract all the scum of the earth. Oh yeah, break a law in Canada and you will get a heated room, a nice flat screen T.V in your cell, better meals than the majority of the population eats, and the right to vote.

I think it is time for a major change in Canada in our attitudes, politics, and what we put out for the rest of the world to see. It's sickening to hear what other countries think of us.


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